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Pohl Real Estate is committed to the people in our community and we strive to help those that would like to help others. We develop a financial mechanism for like minded individuals or organizations to accomplish their goals. Does your church need money? Does your child's sports program need funding? Does your neighbor have a child who wants to study abroad in Europe but lacks the resources to make this dream a reality? Pohl Real Estate's Give Back Model will direct your charitable contributions to your desired location. We're proud to be unique in our business model and excited to partner with you, providing funding to programs or individuals in need.

How will we do this? It's very simple.

1. You refer us anyone that you know that is selling their home.

2. We help that person, like we do with our current clients, to sell their home and then within one week after closing our company will joyfully write you or your organization/charity a check for 25% of our earnings.

There is no catch here and it's actually very simple. Our company believes and enjoys giving back to our community and making a dramatic IMPACT! What better way to do this than through our everyday jobs.

What is the next step you ask? Simply fill out and sign this one page contract with your referral's name, address and contact information. We will pursue the business like we would any other client, fully weighing their specific needs and working with your referral until we accomplish their goals. Than after closing we will send you the give back check for your specific cause. The only thing we ask of you is to be a testimonial for other people with similar needs in Portland!


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