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Seven Common Seller Mistakes:

1) Pricing Your Property Too High

If you list your property too high you will lose prospective buyers before they even look at your house. You will also attract buyers who will expect more than you have to offer when they come to see your house. The bottom line is that your property will sit on the market longer and end up selling at a lower price. Every seller obviously wants to get the most money for his or her home, but the best way to do that is to list your
home fairly and not at an excessively high price! Also, in a declining market if you price your home too high then as the market drops your home price will always be behind the curve so not only will you not be able to sell your home but you will lose thousands of dollars.

2) Using a Re-finance Appraisal for the Market Value

Re-finance appraisals can often be over stated. Sometimes lenders have estimated the value of your property to be higher than it actually is in order to encourage
re-financing. It is best to ask your REALTOR® for the most recent information
regarding property sales in your community. The market value of your home could be lower than the appraised value. The market value will tell you what you reasonably could expect to get for your home. The market value is what a willing buyer and a willing seller agree to on price. If your home appraised for $300,000 but the most you could sell it for is $280,000 than $280,000 is the true market value of your home.

3) Not Staging Your Home

Make sure your home is in the best possible shape inside and out. A poorly kept home in need of repairs will sell for a lower price and even turn some buyers away. Click here for helpful tips on staging your home.

4) Trying to "Hard Sell" While Showing

Buyers should feel comfortable when looking at your home. Be careful not to badger them or trying to force them to buy. Instead, be friendly and hospitable. A good idea would be to point out any subtle amenities and be receptive to questions. Buying a home is an emotional experience and often requires a difficult decision.

5) Trying to Sell to People not ready to Buy

People will approach your property when they see a “for sale” sign. They generally may not be prospective buyers at all. They are most likely curious as to what homes are going for rather than purchasing a home now. They may be just starting to consider selling their home. Your REALTOR® should be able to distinguish realistic potential buyers from mere lookers. Your REALTOR® should usually find out a prospective buyer's savings, credit rating, and purchasing power in general. This will help you avoid wasting valuable time marketing towards the wrong people.

6) Not Knowing Your Rights & Responsibilities

While real estate contracts can be complex it is very important that you are well-informed in the details. Know what you are responsible for before signing the contract. Can the property be sold "as is"? How will deed restrictions and local zoning laws affect your transaction? Not knowing the answers to these kinds of questions could end up costing you a considerable amounts of money.

7) Limiting the Marketing and Advertising of the Property

Your REALTOR® should employ a wide variety of marketing techniques and be committed to selling your property. He/she need to advertise your home in the most favorable conditions and be available for every phone call from a prospective buyer.

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